How to become the participant of the union

TM «Confectum».


How to become the participant of the union.


Confectum (lat. ) – candy.

Trademark name

is an abbreviation:

Confectionary - confectionery

Union – the union

Of makers – producers


«Confectum» is a brand that uniting makers-confectioners of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and also producers from other countries which want to master the market of the Russian Federation.

The trademark works in two directions:

  1. We are developing a new product, the concept of its positioning in the market, strategy of sales and on mutually advantageous conditions we place the order at capacities of the confectionery productions conforming to requirements of the Union.
  2. We are an importer in the Russian Federation and the federal operator in all territory of the Russian Federation, producers, whose production conforms to Union requirements.

The trademark Confectum concludes contracts with producers which specify the requirements of the parties to each other:

Manufacturer- supports the ideology of the Union, provides quality, timely delivery, expiration dates and exclusive products;

Confectum- assist in certification of products in Russia, the safety of products in their warehouses, effective alignment of logistics, the correct positioning of the product on the market to work well on product distribution in Russia.

Confectum has:

• The registered legal entity in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

• Warehouses and offices in Russia (Belgorod, Armavir).

• An eight-year experience with the Russian market.

• Contracts with distributors throughout the Russian Federation.

• The native activity in the development of sales strategies and market research.

• Ability to provide participants with the Union in its place the permanent cargo traffic Ukraine-Russia for the first test of sales in Russia.

• Ability to provide technological support to members of the union in the development and manufacture of confectionery products, and technical support in the form of hiring additional production equipment necessary for the product.

To become a member of the Union should:

1. The quality of your company's products should be as well as manufacturing facilities comply with the standards and requirements of the Union and the law.

2. Production should have sufficient capacity to work with the large market of the Russian Federation.

3. Products should be competitive in price and quality.



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