Ñandy caramel

Caramel candy "Smile Candy" MIX (with lemon, strawberry, mango, watermelon flavor)
Caramel lollipop, consisting of two parts: caramel + tablet candy with vitamin C and the image of a funny smiley.
Weight: Pack - 1 kg, closed box - 3 kg
Storage life: 18 months
Caramel «Montpensier in sugar»
Small colored candies in a sugar dump with different fruit flavors: lemon, duchesse, apple, barberry and orange
Weight: 30 g, show boxing 0,54 kg; whole box 2,16 kg
Storage life: 12 month
Caramel lollipop «Monstryashki»
Large flat multicolored candy on a stick, weighing 30 grams, in bright packaging in the form of freakish monsters.
Weight: 30 g, plastic can 1.5 kg; whole box 9 kg
Storage life: 24 month
Caramel lollipop «Multies»
Medium multi-colored rainbow caramel on a stick, with a diameter of 4 cm, in a bright package with interesting characters in the form of amusing little faces.
Weight: 16g; can - 1,28 kg; box - 7,68 êã
Storage life: 24 month
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