About Confectionary Union “Confectum”


ŇĚ «Confeńtum».


Confectum (lat. ) – candy.

Trademark name is an abbreviation:

Confectionary- confectionery

Union– the union

Of makers– producers


We are the union of producers of confectionery production from the different countries, united by a brand «Confeńtum».

«Confeńtum» is a brand which the most active and perspective players of pastry market come forward under.

We combine effort producers of pastry products with the purpose of achievement of maximal coverage of market of Russian Federation.

«Confeńtum» presents to the market the most perspective pastry projects of participants of union, being the customer of product, developer of idea of product and its keeping.

We unite well-known factories and small industries, whose work is different creativity, creativity and innovation in all phases of activity.

Our purpose – to be necessary for the buyer due to the uniqueness, to open the new horizons before people, to acquaint with new confectionery inventions, to open confectionery traditions of other countries and the people for our buyer, to introduce new impressions and confidence in the future.



 Inventors of desserts

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